West Bend Online Learning Academy(WBOLA)
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Please direct any questions to Marian Mueller @ 262-335-5585.

The West Bend School District is dedicated to offering our students and families 21st century learning opportunities. The West Bend Online Learning Academy (WBOLA) supports the West Bend School District mission of Preparing All Students for College Readiness AND Career Success. This program allows full-time students to learn at any time, any place and any pace and provides the necessary tools to be successful in their skill development and pacing for graduation.
WBOLA works in partnership with Wisconsin Virtual School; the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction designated public on-line program and Florida Virtual to provide viable course options for our students. WBOLA allows the West Bend School District to provide on-line learning options for our students, including:
  • Relevant courses that allow you to choose your time, place, and pace of learning.Anywhere 24/7
  • Meet your individual achievement goals with a personalized learning plan & curriculum.
  • Choose from more then 70 high quality, interactive courses aligned to state and national standards
  • Middle school and high school level curriculum
  • Students will work with a counselor to develop a yearlong plan that meets the board established criteria for full time student and leads to the completion of graduation requirements.
  • AP courses exclusively offered on-line
  • A local online option to support the needs of home-schooled students
  • A solution for schedule conflicts, home-based learners, homebound, adjudication, truancy, expulsions and other special circumstances
  • Modified rates of learning to accommodate the student - traditional, accelerated or extended
  • The experience of online learning to prepare for future training in post-secondary educational and work environments
  • Semester courses for credit deficient students, and others unable to successfully participate in a traditional setting
  • Access all WBSD resources and programs including: athletics, math and language labs, fine arts, field trips and co-curricular activities
  • Use a WBOLA-issued laptop computer and technology support, or use your own device
  • Receive one-on-one support with a West Bend School District mentor teacher to assist you in being successful in the online environment and prepared for the future.
WBOLA courses are aligned to national and state standards and taught by Wisconsin certified teachers. Course goals and objectives will be available upon request. Students currently enrolled at the West Bend Middle and High Schools full-time can enrich their course selection with courses not currently offered at West Bend Middle and High Schools. Courses cannot supplant courses offered

Students in a full-time home-based learning environment have access to all available coursework.

Part-time students may take up to 2 courses per semester (1/2 credit for each semester course) while full-time students may take 3-6 courses per semester. All courses are 1-2 semester courses. Course timelines are modified per individual learner to pace for graduation.